Our Story

Ephtah Specialty Coffee was established to build sustainable collaborative supply chains for the benefit of our customers, farmers, and their wider communities. We take a specific interest in promoting the role of women within our industry, as we see women as being the main driver of positive social and economic change in Ethiopia.

Our passion is delivering fantastic coffee whilst improving the lives of the people in the communities we work in.

Our aim is to deliver quality at every step of the shipment. We focus on only supplying the highest quality green coffee beans. We provide a high-quality niche service to our clients and partners, ensuring all stakeholders in the supply chain are happy at the end of every shipment.

Deep local knowledge with an international perspective


Wubit Bekele

Wubit Bekele

General Manager

Wubit was born in Nekempte, a major coffee town in Western Ethiopia. After growing up in Addis Ababa she graduated from Mizan Tepi Univiserity. Immediately she pursued a career in the coffee sector. After working for one of Ethiopia’s largest exporters for many years, she realized the potential of the industry and set up her own company.

Wubit’s passion for coffee stems from two major  reasons.

Firstly, as she began her career as a Q grade cupper, she is fascinated by the diversity of flavors within Ethiopian coffee.

Coffee, as a relationship-based industry, has enabled Wubit to visit many parts of her country. She frequently visits farmers and suppliers across Ethiopia and she is always excited to visit clients in their countries.

Melsachew Shiferaw

Melsachew Shiferaw

Head of Operations

Male’s expertise is in managing Ethiopia’s extensive bureaucracy. He ensures our coffee is processed up to standard at the right time. He is a graduate in Accounting and Finance from Wolayita Sodo University.

He has extensive experience in the coffee sector and is eager to learn new things within the industry. In his spare time, he is a keen follower of football and is an avid supporter of Arsenal. He also loves music. His favorite artists are Teddy Afro and Telahun Gesese.

Eyerusalem Tilahun

Eyerusalem Tilahun

Head of Sustainability

Eyerusalem graduated from Menelik Medical College with a degree in Nursing.

She describes herself as a feminist and soon realized she wanted to build a career in a profession which allowed her to work in improving the lives of women in Ethiopia.

She is learning to cup, and her favorite coffee is an anerobic natural.

Outside of work she enjoys watching movies.

Samrawit Meteku

Samrawit Meteku

Head of Logistics and Documentation

Samrawit graduated from Axum University in 2014 in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. She also completed an MBA in 2022.

In her spare time, she is very creative. She loves art, design and interior design which came in handy when Ephtah moved into our new office.

Seble Semachew

Seble Semachew

Head of Finance

Seble joined the Ephtah team in 2022. Before that she worked for one of Ethiopia’s largest exporters.

She has a degree in public finance from the Civil Service University.

As one of the most experienced members of our team, with over fourteen years on the coffee industry, she enjoys teaching and mentoring our younger employees.

She enjoys working within the coffee sector as it enables her to communicate with a wide variety of people, given the importance of relationships to our business

Daniel Mesfin

Daniel Mesfin

Head of Sourcing

Danny was born and raised in Yirgacheffe and knows the southern coffee regions of Ethiopia better than anyone else.

He is responsible for ensuring Ephtah has access to the world’s best coffee.

He also supports our sustainability team in ensuring our coffee is sourced responsibly and our partners are happy.

He has three children. During the holiday season he works with his local church to provide underprivileged children food gifts.

Feker Worku

Feker Worku

Lab Assistant

Feker joined our team in the second half of 2022. The harvest season is the busiest time for her as the quality team cup countless samples, finding the best Ethiopian coffee.

She cups all the samples with the QC  team and will soon become an expert cupper, able to make buying decisions herself.

She enjoys reading and watching English speaking films as she is desperate to improve her English language skills.